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09/19/2021Pastor Roger Richards Here Comes the Judge (Here Comes the Judge.mp3)
Sunday morning 1 John 15:26-16:15
Download Here Comes the Judge.mp3
09/12/2021Pastor Roger Richards That Certainly Is Tempting (That Certainly Is Tempting.mp3)
Sunday morning Matthew 4:1-11
Download That Certainly Is Tempting.mp3
09/05/2021Pastor Roger Richards Hard Labor (Hard Labor.mp3)
Sunday morning Matthew 11:28-30
Download Hard Labor.mp3
08/29/2021Pastor Roger Richards Three Looks at the Lord's Supper (Three looks at the lord.mp3)
1 Corinthians 11:22-29
Download Three looks at the lord.mp3
08/22/2021Pastor Roger Richards A Divine Encounter (A Divine Encounter.mp3)
Sunday morning Acts 8:26-39
Download A Divine Encounter.mp3
08/15/2021Pastor Roger Richards Now I Get It (Now I Get It.mp3)
Sunday morning John 6:1-14
Download Now I Get It.mp3

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